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 [GA]Application ;) by: SnOx

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PostSubject: [GA]Application ;) by: SnOx   Mon May 28, 2012 8:44 pm

1-Your Full Name: Victor Navarro.

2-Your Age: Almost 18, in 1 week.

3-Ur Expert About Silkroad: I was [GM] in a server of my country with official files and i'd create my own emu server before with like 50 peoples online when those server was cool ^^ and im playing silkroad since like 4 years ago.
PD: I didn't make my own server before cuz i my computer don't let me do it. "No Good PC^^"

4-What language You Can Support: The languange i can support for help you guys are: my main laguange(Spanish),English and Portuguese.

5-Why we choose you?: Cuz i want to help you guys and all members in everything, like: question they have, problems in game and out of the game(forum), bugs.
Im glad to help you in all you guys and the server need for make it much better than the server is now.

Thank you for read.
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[GA]Application ;) by: SnOx
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