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 [GA] Application: Apocalypse.

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PostSubject: [GA] Application: Apocalypse.   Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:45 pm

1-Your Full Name?
- Callum 'J' Darch
2-Your Age?
22 - 1 - 93
3-Your experience about Silkroad?
Well, to start off. I started playing silkroad back in the beta days, where there was only a small 50 cap. I played it was a bunch of friends, nothing special since I didn't know anything really about the game then. Slowly I progressed my way up to the cap, and finally, after a few months of hard work and constant persuasion, i capped! Then, my life started to get tough, school hit hard on me having to do alot of stuff, so I had no time to play silkroad. I left my account and silkroad for around a year, came back and everything had changed, I once again had to cap, it felt like I was restarting my life again, having to put all that hard effort in just to get another 30 levels which would take even longer! And after that, I capped. 80. Felt good, but then, there was no update for months.. So, being me i experimented with the alchemy system, tablets blablalba, then I quit once again, but this time I quit for 3 years (2006-2009), that's when shit got good. 90 cap had just started! Very Happy. I had capped, same old story, blabla, quit, came back, and it's 120 cap, wow! I then spend another few months of my life which is now pointless capping to 120 and tryna' get the best shit. I +'ed my set, blued my weapons, and tried my hardest for suns. I finally got there. After 7 years of playing a game which you achieve nothing of, i finally made it. Highest cap, fully farmed, one of the best sets I've ever had.. Then one day, I sold that account to some random guy and got scammed. Lost my 7 years hard work just like that. So then, around a few months ago I began private servers. I don't have much experience owning one, I've only ever owned two, but I know how to handle the communities and etc, from all my experience.
4-What language You Can Support?
English(100%) & German(70%) & Turkish(70%) & Spanish(40%) & Egyptian(30%~)
5-Why we choose you?
Because I didn't just write that massive paragraph for nothing! Wink
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[GA] Application: Apocalypse.
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