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 Game Assistant Book of Rules

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PostSubject: Game Assistant Book of Rules   Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:10 pm

GA stands for Game Assistant they assist the Game Master / Player or a Stuff worker they DON'T HAVE autority on server
GA are not able to get silk / item mall / weapon / stuff by any free way.
GA are not able to Give players Item / Silk / Gold .
GA don't have acces to DB of Server or any Dedi!
GA can get acces to the SMC for server information and a few other features. (but Only Basic Info )
GA are Forum moderators they need to make it clean and Help the community.
GA can play with a Legit character but he can't connect that character to his GA. ( basically they need to have different and non-related names )
GA cannot attend for weekly Events ( Hide & Seek , etc...).
GA can become a GM. (depend of GM's wish )
GA always stays cool, never flames on the server about any player.
GA always stays available if someone needs help!
GA cannot Reveal information about any Silkroad Projects that are not released yet.
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Game Assistant Book of Rules
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