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 some Important Bugs

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PostSubject: some Important Bugs   Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:31 pm

1.Bug -Options-: When i start the game and im Online, than i Change my Options like Solution, Sound, Grafik etc. when i close the game and start it again the Options Changed back to the first Options. Evil or Very Mad

2.Bug -Vigor-: U can buy 5 Vigors only but can stack to 50...and when u buy Vigor with (Shift + left click) =Gamecrash. Rolling Eyes

3.Bug -Mounts-: when u ride a mount and teleport than u start in the new town without mount and port again, than maybe the mount is there or not ur u got 2 mount... u sit on 1 mount and the other mount is running next to you. Shocked

4.Bug -Mob Despawn-: When to much Mobs on the Map exist the Mobs start to spawn and Despawn in the same second... U cant kill them, Uniques Disappear too....Normaly all Privatserver solved this problem, but yesterday i started here and i saw it, and thats really fucked up Twisted Evil

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some Important Bugs
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